The “Work”

Total Body Integration...

Posture is the way your body is “organized” or aligned, whether you’re sitting, standing, bending or any form of movement. Posture is not a rigid spine in perfect alignment or being so straight, it appears you have an iron rod for a spine. Posture is how your body is structurally and functionally aligned whether it’s being dynamic (movement) or static (still). Correct posture is how the body is “organized” to work the longest and most effectively in the field of gravity. One of our methods for clinically treating postural alignment is a form of manual therapy called, “Total Body Integration”.

Total Body Integration is a manual therapy that lengthens and unbinds the soft tissue of the body. The treatments are very focused on problem areas. Treatment of these chronically shortened areas re-educates the muscle memory, creating balance in the body, ultimately allowing the skeleton to oppose gravity properly. If left untreated, one’s improper posture and muscular imbalances can cause joint inflammation and degenerative discs. When your posture becomes out of balance or misaligned, this is usually when you end up at the doctor due to pain in your back or joints. Simply to treat the site of pain and not address the cause is like putting a Band-Aid on it. Resulting in the problem persisting and even becoming more severe as time goes on. It is imperative that the cause of your pain be treated, not just the site or specific area.

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