Symmetrical Beings

Acute pain...

By: Steven W. Green, Licensed Massage & Bodywork Practitioner — OPTIMAL HEALTH Clinic, LLC

It is important to understand that acute pain has a survival function, and the approach to its management is very different from the approach to chronic pain. Every person with chronic pain is unique. There is no one treatment or approach that is right for everybody. Chronic pain includes many types of conditions from a variety of causes. One condition of chronic pain is a significant amount of muscle and joint pain that can be caused by faulty body alignment or poor posture.

One’s posture is critically important to one’s overall health and ease of movement. Poor posture can lead to various physical ailments including painful knees, hips, shoulders, back, and feet, just to name a few. For those seeking an understanding of body alignment, then this article is for you. At OPTIMAL HEALTH Clinic, we would like to provide you with insight and treatment strategies that we implement within our sessions to clinically manage body alignment.

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