Career Prospects

As a team, we’re committed to delivering on the OHSBI values and ethical principles. Those who shine in this role are:

Steven Green Program Director / Professor.

Steven W. Green is a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Practitioner with years of clinical experience. For all of his career, he has been involved in the health and fitness field. He received his initial training from the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork in December 2013 which gave birth to a variety of education. Upon graduating Clinical Massage & Structural Bodywork school, Green completed an apprenticeship with the owner, Kyle Wright. Immediately after completing the apprenticeship, he opened his own practice and years later has never looked back. Green owns and operates Optimal Health Clinic, LLC in Greenville, SC.

Candidate Selection

The Admissions Department, seeks to matriculate students who best suit the philosophies and goals of the School. OPTIMAL HEALTH School of Bodywork Integration attempts to select students who have strong academic records and who demonstrate the motivational and personal characteristics suitable for a career in Manual Therapy.

Service and a caring attitude are important characteristics of the future Healthcare Professional!

It is the responsibility of the applicant to be aware of the entrance requirements and to ensure that they are met prior to enrollment. If OPTIMAL HEALTH School of Bodywork Integration determines at any time that requirements are not met in full, the student will not be allowed to enroll or to continue at the School.


Principle & Evidence-Informed
OHSBI is Greenville’s ONLY principles & evidence-informed Bodywork educational program.

Applicant’s Skills and Capabilities

A student must possess the following abilities, with or without reasonable accommodation, for completion of the clinical pathways:

  • Ability to apply manual medicine techniques and adjunctive techniques over the full range of a body, including positioning patients, palpating, feeling with hands and fingers, pushing, pulling, kneading, grasping, twisting wrists, and lifting up to 10 pounds, for periods of up to 60 minutes without interruption;
  • Ability to determine depth and intensity of manual pressure and force, as applied in the performance of common manual and adjunctive procedures and techniques;
  • Ability to see and hear, with or without reasonable accommodation, sufficient that the student can receive and record client histories; document treatment plans; provide instructions to patients; and provide routine patient safety services;
  • Ability to perform in all laboratory and clinical settings without posing a threat to herself/himself, to the safety and well-being of fellow students, or to patients;
  • Ability and willingness to receive hands-on and adjunctive treatment. Much of the technical instruction in the programs requires reciprocal application of the manual techniques, including mobilizations and soft tissue therapy. In reciprocal laboratory experiences, receiving techniques is necessary in order to learn proper procedures, and to receive and provide learning feedback; reciprocal application of technique is also useful for developing sensitivity to patients needs. OHSBI may temporarily excuse a student from receiving treatments provided that there is a specific medical contraindication, as determined in writing by a licensed healthcare professional.

All students, with or without reasonable accommodation, must carry out laboratory and clinical assignments, including providing treatments to patients. Qualified persons with disabilities, with or without reasonable accommodation, must be able to pass oral, written and practical examinations, and meet all of the clinical requirements of the School.

It is in the best interests of both the student and the School to assess the degree of limitation caused by disability. However, the School will make the final determination of whether or not an individual meets all qualifications for study at the School.

Program Director's Message

Since beginning my prophetic journey in Manual Therapy, there has been an increasing awareness of the valuable benefits of Clinical Massage & Bodywork Therapy for treating soft-tissue pain and injury conditions. With neromusculoskeletal disorders being so prevalent worldwide, there is no shortage of need for knowledgeable and skilled practitioners to serve the public with their gifts.

Critical components of any Manual Medicine system are functional assessment and clinical reasoning. Assessment is more than an abbreviated interview. Patient & Client expectations of Massage Therapists today demand more thorough evaluation skills, functional movement, and nutritional awareness! It is, in my view, key factors to moving Massage Therapy into the healthcare delivery system as an equal partner to traditional Western therapies in treating soft-tissue impingements and concerns, rather than as just an adjunctive modality. Proper application of assessment strategies decreases the practitioner's guesswork and helps the practitioner to make accurate, evidence-informed decisions about treatment or referral.

It is my object in this work to teach principles as I understand them, and not rules. I do not instruct the student to punch or pull a certain bone, nerve or muscle for a certain condition, but by knowledge of the normal and abnormal, I hope to give specific knowledge for all conditions. Sadly, 90% of practitioners will never have the knowledge and skill to be great at assessment or manual therapy. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t been taught how, when and which principle, assessment or technique to use to help their patients consistently, decrease pain and increase range of motion immediately. It doesn’t have to be this way, my team and I can show you exactly what it takes to become soft-tissue experts and how our students excel in their assessment and manual therapy knowledge and skills.

Outside of Bodywork, my mission is to “Transform Followers into Leaders, and Leaders into Agents of Change. I was created by God, and Sent to this Earth to Help the Follower Discover that Trapped Inside of them is a Great Leader. To Help them Reconnect to their True Abilities, True Potential, and have them become ALL that they were Born to Be!” I hope that the beloved readers of this message, not only notice the passion for my Work but my compassion for being preoccupied with the Works of others. Proverbs 27:6 says, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” It’s a great day when God gives you someone who loves you enough to put you under a little pressure so you can be conformed into and reach your highest potential.

“Remember, Be Bold. Be Strong. Be of good Courage. And God Bless!”

Steven Green, Program Director of Optimal Health